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Heather Mayfield shows a local teacher how to properly use a kick seine to collect macroinvertebrates during a field training for teachers.





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David Bailey - Chief Executive Officer : David oversees all business, financial and legal aspects of the Foundation for Ohio River Education. He graduated from Northern Kentucky University with degrees in Business Administration and Accounting and has management experience in several business and non-profit sectors. He currently manages administration and human resources for ORSANCO, volunteering his time and talent to FORE. David and his family are life-long Northern Kentucky residents and enjoy their close proximity to activities on the Ohio River.


Heather Mayfield - Director : Heather oversees the development of FORE's educational programs and often serves on the front lines as an educator. Her other responsibility is making sure that all of FORE ’s programs are adequately promoted and funded in and beyond Cincinnati. Heather has her Biology degree from Northern Kentucky University. Before coming to FORE, she organized a volunteer water monitoring program through the Sierra Club, and worked as a water quality researcher at the Environmental Protection Agency.

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On-Board Educators
On-board Educators work for FORE on a part-time, seasonal basis.  Many return each year and are continually enhancing our programs by adding creative revisions to our on-board curriculum.  Our On-board Educators are tremendously talented in their ability to engage young and old minds in exploring the Ohio River!

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